I was about to ask, hey, so do royals dress up in costume?

And then I remembered, twelve years ago, Prince Harry was a dumb f-ck and went as a Nazi to what the British call a fancy dress party. It was on the front page of every newspaper. Of course he apologised and he’s not the Harry now that he was then. The Harry now is the most beloved member of the royal family, if you believe the polls. Most of you, if not all of you, aren’t mad at him anymore.

That costume, by the way, wasn’t for Halloween. Probably it’s not very royal to do Halloween. Prince William was out last night at the Pride of Britain awards dressed up entirely as himself. This picture of Rod Stewart waiting to greet him cracks me up.

Today, Halloween proper, it’s Princess Kate’s turn to work. She was at the Lawn Tennis Association in London today and was photographed hitting a few balls back and forth. I wish we had better video of her actually taking a good swing. This is the only one on the official Twitter account.

It’s well known that Kate loves tennis. Is she any good? I don’t mean like sticking your racquet out and making contact with the ball. I mean a real forehand. Could I take her?