Catherine Cambridge visited King Henry’s Walk Garden today in Islington. She spent time with the children outside and she also made pizza with the kids inside the school. Kate is good with kids, I like how relaxed she is when she’s speaking to them – takes them seriously, doesn’t talk to them like they’re infants but also isn’t there to lecture. 

Here’s Kate telling the kids that Big G and Charlotte would love to take their lessons outside: 

And here she is, answering a question about pizza, specifically whether or not the Queen eats pizza. See? What did I tell you yesterday? Kids are the best gossip assets. They can ask anything and get away with it – not that this is a controversial question, but can you imagine if this child was like, hey, duchess lady, are you going to have another baby? 


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As you can see, since she was hanging out with children, Kate dressed casually – by royal standards. 

This is a good outfit: olive coloured jeans under a tweed jacket over a burgundy turtleneck… and hikers! Fashion hikers hit the runway in 2015 (Louis Vuitton) and over the last couple of years, almost every label, luxury and high street, has released their own version. Sasha found her favourite pair back in October. Looks like Princess Kate is on the trend. It’s a great look on her. You know a solid standby for hikers? The class Doc Martens. I just got a pair of white ones that I’m waiting to be delivered. Like every day I check the mailbox I’m so excited to wear them. Hikers have been my only footwear all season – they go with everything, which we already knew back in the 80s, I don’t know why we forgot.