Prince William and Princess Catherine showed up at Royal Ascot today. She wore a white lace Alexander McQueen dress. And it was so similar to the white lace dress she wore last year that I thought they were old pictures and almost didn’t post about it. Here’s the 2016 version:

And the 2017 version:

Whatever. I mean at this point I think we’ve all managed our expectations when it comes to Middleton style.

That said…

The hairnet?

I would not have noticed if not for an email from an eagle-eyed reader called Heather – thanks Heather! Check out the back of Kate’s head. That’s definitely a hairnet, right?



Nope. Don’t send me that email. Don’t do it. Because there is no explanation. Because you know, you know there can be no explanation for it. There are other ways to secure hair. And while we’re at it, there are other ways to wear your hair. There are other ways to wear a low bun (if you have to, it would never be my choice) that don’t require a F-CKING HAIRNET!