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You know what else I love about the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engagement portraits? The timing. Because if they hadn’t come out today, this pregnancy would have been the big headline. I mean I know the news dropped late yesterday but what we all woke up to this morning in North America was Harry and Meghan. And the pregnancy would for sure be a bigger deal today had it not been for Harry and Meghan’s pictures. (Dlisted) 

Eva Longoria is pregnant and doesn’t like brushing her teeth. I mean, I don’t think it’s anybody’s favourite activity. But at least you can watch TV while brushing your teeth, which is what I do. Or I read on my tablet. This is because I brush my teeth for too long, typically about 8 minutes. You know what’s much worse than brushing your teeth? Flossing. I floss every day and it’s my least favourite part of the day. It’s such a pain in the ass getting the angle of the floss in there. And some of my teeth are really jammed close together and it’s hard to wedge the floss in and pull it out. Sometimes the floss breaks apart and gets stuck. So I have to floss again and slide it out the slide, which always feels gross. (Cele|bitchy) 

I’m not big on wrap dresses but this is a good one on Rebel Wilson. It’s the red stripe, gives it just a little bit more interest. And I quite like the large patch of black above the hem so that the piano keys don’t go all the way down. Unfortunately she’s wearing kitten heels. WHYYYYYYYY???!!!! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Here’s Princess Charlotte in the backseat arriving at the Queen’s Christmas lunch yesterday. She’s very, very cute with her rosy chubby cheeks and the bow in her hair. She reminds me a little of Princess Eugenie. Just me? Charlotte was reading a book and working on her smize. Excellent infant smizing happening here. (Pop Sugar) 

Oh but this reminds me that Heat is another movie I haven’t watched in a while. Back in the day, I probably watched it once a week. De Niro and Pacino. The diner scene. Did you know that they never rehearsed it? Anyway, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro are working together again on a new film. De Niro’s character is supposed to be tall. De Niro is not tall. So… they’ve tried to fix it with his shoes. Like Stella McCartney’s platform Oxfords. Pretty sure these aren’t Stella McCartneys. (TMZ) 

Not that I’m in any rush for the holidays to go by quickly but I’m also not dreading January. Because of the Golden Globes. And also because of…grown-ish! The cast is featured in Teen Vogue and after you obsess over all of Yara Shahidi’s outfits, read up on what the show is about and then get as excited as I am. January 3, 2018. (Teen Vogue)

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