Sarah and I were emailing back and forth today, feeling like life has been on hold. Beyoncé hasn’t told us yet that we can actually start celebrating the birth of the babies and we have been trained not to move until she gives the all-clear. Also, #Taymerica didn’t happen and we are also waiting and checking her socials to see whether or not it was moved to a secret bunker this year. So... with all that in mind, I feel like this puppy. Going through the motions, but not really. (Dlisted) 

So you have a great idea. You’ve worked your ass off to build it. And now you’re ready to pitch, to get your project funded. But… you’re a woman. You know what might happen? What might f-cking happen is some piece of sh-t pervert will feel entitled to f-ck you, just because he has money. And then, when he gets called out for it? He’ll be flippant about it on social media. (Jezebel) 

Did you hear that people were scandalised by JLO’s Fourth of July performance? Something about it being in Spanish and, oh yeah, her dress. Inappropriate for the holiday. OK. But also? It’s JLO. What was anyone expecting her to wear for a live performance preceding fireworks? A turtleneck? At this point, is there someone out there who thought JLO wouldn’t be making a style statement? (Just Jared) 

Mimi had dinner with Benjamin Netanyahu and there was some scandal. Britney Spears went to Israel and it was chaos. And somehow that chaos has resulted in some scandal with Prime Minister Netanyahu too. Does Netanyahu have bad luck with celebrities? (Cele|bitchy) 

Princess Kate got her hair cut for Wimbledon and wore D&G and a pair of new shoes. I don’t hate the hair but I also don’t believe she’s going to keep it like this for long. This is a maintenance trim. For the ends. After a while your ends just get burnt. And there’s nothing to do but get rid of a few inches and promise yourself to trim regularly and reduce the amount of heat you’re putting on it. My approach is regular 6 week mini baby baby trims. People are afraid of losing length. But you lose more length with breakage. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Annette Bening is making history. And it’s about time. But also… can I go back to bitching about the fact that she’s yet to win an Oscar? Annette Bening! Twice! Twice she was nominated and didn’t win because both times it was Hilary Swank. I just want to point out, again, that Annette Bening has no Oscars and Hilary Swank has two. (Vanity Fair)