Princess Kate visited the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in London today; she is their new royal patron. While there she reunited with Professor Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent, the midwife who apparently helped deliver Princess Charlotte. They greeted each other warmly, like super excited to see each other. Which is pretty sweet.

Kate was seen laughing – giggling even – several times today, producing some lovely photos. Like this one:

And this:

They’re among her best candid moments, right? 

Kate is due in April. That’s all the Palace has confirmed. So we’re either 6 weeks away or 10 weeks away. Or somewhere in between. You know how people would go bananas with speculation when Beyoncé was pregnant with the twins and if she wore blue, we’d be all like… IT’s A BOY!!?

Well in England they bet on the sex and the name. Right now, the top names are: Mary (3/1), Alice (8/1), Arthur (8/1), Henry (10/1) and Victoria (10/1).
Prince Harry’s official first name is Henry. Would they really pick Henry? 

On this list, I think my favourite is Victoria, if only because of the possible nickname. Just imagine what those tight-ass pearl-clutchers would do if it’s a princess and we start calling her “Tori”.