Prince William and Catherine of House Cambridge stepped out for the second day in a row today, visiting with staff and patients at Clitheroe Community Hospital. They talked about the impact that COVID has had on healthcare services and heard from patients about their experiences. In particular Will and Kate talked about mental health programs during this time. Everywhere around the world, healthcare workers have been struggling with workload and stress – and this of course can and has affected mental wellness as so many medical professionals have reporter higher levels of anxiety and in some cases depression. 


For the British royal family, their main source of stress right now of course is Prince Andrew, who’s in the process of being erased, and it’s the job of the Cambridges to razzle dazzle and distract from their uncle’s mess. The mess, to be clear, is that he’s being accused of rape by Virginia Roberts Giuffre one of the sex trafficking victims of his friends Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. So it’s to the Firm’s advantage that Will and Kate have back-to-back public engagements. And I wonder if that work schedule will increase over the next few weeks leading up to February 6 and the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 

Kate’s in camel monochrome here with the overcoat, the turtleneck, the skirt, and the boots. This is actually a slightly more form-fitting look on her than we typically see on her. The turtleneck is fitted. The skirt is quite fitted – it’s about as body-con as she’s worn in recent memory. As for the boots, I’m not offended by them and I do like the slouch of them but for me, suede doesn’t quite work here. I would have gone with a regular leather with a little shine to mix up the dull textures of the whole outfit. 


As noted yesterday, I was so excited because Kate had a GREAT blowout going, maybe one of her best, but she’s back to those tighter, kinda dated, curls today. 

But look. Even the puppy matches! 

William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visit Clitheroe Community Hospital in north east England on January 20, 2022