They busted out the tiaras last night at Buckingham Palace for the Diplomatic Corps reception as the Queen hosted foreign dignitaries at her annual party. Her Majesty, Duchess Camilla, and Princess Catherine all had tiaras on. Kate wore the Lovers Knot, the one she’s most often seen in, and a new Jenny Packham dress. It’s a princess dress for sure. Those cap sleeves are all Cinderella vibes, especially in that light, gauzy material. I quite like the silver grey tone going on here too. Might be the best formal gown we’ve seen from her in a while. As usual, I wish she’d do something more updated and modern with her hair. 

It’s a busy schedule for the Cambridges though as they’re in Cyprus today visiting with thousands of military personnel who’ll be stationed abroad during the holidays. Wasn’t expecting to see her in trousers, were you? This is, as they might say in Britain, such a smart outfit. Really, really polished. Those pants fit her perfectly. They’re perfectly pressed. That’s a great belt too. And the white shirt underneath is a crisp, fresh contrast to the olive jacket. It’s a strong look, back to back to back strong looks, if you count yesterday’s tartan skirt, followed by the ball gown, and now today’s all-business outfit. There’s been an extra zing to Kate’s wardrobe the last few months, non? 

Part of the job today for Prince William and Kate was to deliver letters and gifts from family members to their loved ones that were collected yesterday at the holiday party they hosted at Kensington Palace. KP has released a video from the event that includes some of Kate’s remarks. She’s getting better at public speaking and you know what helps everyone? Having music and other sounds in the background and getting rid of the other noise. Compare the two videos below. Right? Big ups to all the A/V experts out there! They make the magic.