Catherine Cambridge stepped out today to hang out with the Scouts, spending time with kids as they participate in life skills programmes from kayaking to coding to cooking. 




This is very on brand. Kate was a Brownie when she was growing up. She looks comfortable and relaxed, though she’s always been when she’s working with children, which is why child development has been such a big focus. And, as we’ve heard from the beginning, she’s known to be active and athletic, at ease outdoors. Some people aren’t. That would be me. I was never a Scout or a Brownie and I don’t camp. I enjoy hiking, but the kind of hike that eventually leads back to the car the same day. This is why I’ve never looked good in, like, “outdoor” clothing. In my early teens, everybody was all into wearing Eddie Bauer. Every time I went into an Eddie Bauer store it felt like the clothes were repelling me, like they were pleading to not have to be worn by someone who clearly wouldn’t do them justice. With the exception of hiking boots. Hiking boots have always been kind. 

Kate looks great in these hiking boots. Just as good as she did last time she wore them It’s actually a pretty similar outfit with the addition today of the tied scarf. She’s making that work for her too. 

In other Kate news…

As you know, we started the week off with drama from the English countryside. There’s dissention among the Turnip toffs because no one knows why Kate and Rose Hanbury aren’t friends anymore, leading to all kinds of speculation among UK gossips. I mentioned the other day that the British tabloids having been hanging out in Norfolk, trying to track down whatever information they can about the situation and get new shots of Rose but otherwise, the papers haven’t been publishing filler follow-ups through the week. The British papers are known though for their weekend editions. Curious to see what shows up in the Sunday papers or if House Cambridge and Kensington Palace have been able to contain the situation.