A lot of my focus the last two weeks has been on my Chinese New Year health rituals. Which means my doctor has been seeing a lot of me lately. And I’ve been all over her about the vaccines I need. Like the chicken pox vaccine and/or the shingles vaccine. Ask your doctor about shingles! You don’t want shingles! We get into more of my health obsessions on this week’s Sasha Answers podcast. And a couple of really, really messy relationship situations involving infidelity and threesomes.  

Gossip. It’s in the name of this website. It’s also such a loaded word. A dirty word. Still. In this case, with Shaun White, I understand why people were upset by his use of the word because he used it as an insult to undermine the claims against him. But that’s also because gossip, for so many, means bullsh-t, trash, and, as we’ve discussed so many times here on this blog, it doesn’t have to be. There is good gossip. There is bad gossip. Just like there is good writing and bad writing. Good books and bad books. Good news and bad news. But you don’t completely dismiss writing and books and news just because it can be bad. Gossip though is almost always negatively characterised, even though it’s through gossip that so many of the revelations over the last 6 months were initially shared. There’s been so much research done about the nature of gossip and its value, at the highest academic institutions. And yet the word is still so ugly. Is it because it has been so feminised? Because gossip does not have a gender. (Dlisted) 

Meghan Markle wore green tartan yesterday in Scotland. And here are several other tartan options. I have a pair of red tartan pumps, one of the best shoe purchases I’ve ever made. In wool. They’re Alice & Olivia, from 2013. Now I’m wondering if I need a green pair. But I don’t like the shape of these sandals. Not the heel and not the way the straps are arranged. That zip-up vest though… I want it. (Go Fug Yourself) 

The British are trying to make all kinds of drama about whether or not Princess Kate should or will wear black to the BAFTAs because the dress code at the BAFTAs is going to be like the Golden Globes. Now they’re saying it’s against royal protocol for her to wear black. Because of something this and something that. Is avoiding black a Middleton thing? People with basic style have a thing against black. And, as we’ve seen, Middleton style is pretty f-cking basic. (Cele|bitchy) 

How well do you know the Oscars? On our team, Joanna is our Oscars nerd. She could ace anyone’s ass probably on this quiz. I’m talking like facts and years and the most obscure Oscar trivia, and it only takes her a second to figure it out. (Buzzfeed) 

Here are some fashion highlights from the New York Fashion Week parties. I kept scrolling like, yep, yep, into it, so good, amazing…and then it all came to a stop. Guess which look ended the streak? This is not difficult. (The Cut) 

Duana sent over a video yesterday of two robots with four legs opening a door. I knew they were machines. But almost immediately I stopped thinking of them as machines and imagining them as pets. Is this f-cked up? When Robots Act Like Humans…or dogs. (Wired)