As we saw yesterday, Prince William and Kate played a big role representing the British royal family to kick off the state visit of South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeo and First Lady Kim Keon Hee. They were the first to welcome the President and the First Lady, and Kate’s red cape and her big bow, along with the leg flash, made for a promising start. Which is why I was optimistic that, perhaps, at the state dinner, we’d  see her maybe, slightly, take a more adventurous approach to her fashion. Well didn’t make me a dumb bitch. 


But then again maybe not so dumb. Because I did namecheck Jenny Packham in my post, hoping that she would NOT wear Jenny Packham, and that’s exactly what she did – a white Jenny Packham gown with an embroidered capelet and it’s 100% in her wheelhouse which means it’s fine, and it’s safe, and it’s boring. Which is never how I would describe Miss Sohee, the London-based label that would have been perfect for the occasion, but I forgot who I was talking about. 

Before we move on though, can let me just show you what Sohee Park did for the V&A Christmas tree last year because it’s still takes my breath away and I look at this thing like at least once every couple of weeks.


Seriously! One of the most exciting fashion designers working in London and still not on Kate’s radar. 


Anyway, what most people are jizzing about is not Kate’s dress, but the tiara. This is called the Strathmore Rose, and it hasn’t been worn in like 90 years or something and Kate is only the second person to wear it in public, after the Queen Mother who she reportedly is modelling herself after. King Charles would have apparently had to approve the piece for Kate so the takeaway here is how fond he is of her, to have encouraged her to take the tiara out for a ride a century after it was first given to his grandmother. The significance of the piece, then, outweighs its style.