It’s been a busy week so far for Princess Kate. Yesterday she and Prince William visited Coventry Cathedral and today there have been, so far, two events on her schedule – first she dropped by at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London to officially open Mittal Children’s Medical Centre and then, after a wardrobe change, it was off to the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative at Bond Primary School. 

Now that we’re here, there was a story that happened over the weekend that I haven’t posted about yet. The Queen was at Sandringham presenting a children’s prize the other day.  

The Queen, who is great-grandmother to two-year-old Charlotte and four-year-old George, awarded a Bible to a ten-year-old girl, asking her whether she “looked after” her little sister.

When the mother of Emily Clay, who was honoured with the prize for her outstanding religious studies project, replied that it was “the other way round”, the Queen remarked: "It's like that with Charlotte and George."

Some people took that to mean that Charlotte is Big G’s boss. Really? This is not how I read into “looked after”. The way I read into it is that, even though Big G is the older sibling, Charlotte’s the one who has to clean up after his messes, because he’s always creating them. Every time Big G breaks a tea cup/heirloom/door/toy/window/whatever has yet to be broken in the house, Charlotte sighs, puts down her book, and fixes the problem. Big G is the destroyer. Charlotte is the fixer.