There’s been speculation in the British tabloids that Prince William and Catherine of House Cambridge are considering moving out of London. Right now their official working base is Kensington Palace but supposedly they’ve been visiting schools in Berkshire and could be moving their seat of power from London to Windsor. This way they can be closer to Kate’s parents. None of this has been officially confirmed, of course, but it is interesting in that before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit as senior royals of the British royal family, they also packed up out of London for Windsor and Frogmore Cottage, away from the mess of courtiers in the capital. But is the whole mess now also relocating? Or is William putting some distance between himself and Clarence House, from where Prince Charles operates. 


Then again, it could simply be a decision for their children. If Will and Kate are to be assuming more responsibility and taking on a heavier royal duty schedule, it may be that they’ll rely more on her family with their kids. A permanent resident that’s close to the Middletons means less disruption for George, Charlotte, and Louis. As for whether or not this would be so that they can be closer to the Queen, which is what some are saying, with the Cambridge kids getting more facetime with the monarch in her twilight, I mean sure, that sounds good as a story but remember, these people make decisions with an eye to (desperately) preserving the future. Which means the strategy behind all moves is to set sh-t up for stability going forward. Being able to see the Queen might be one supporting consideration but I can’t see it being the main one. 

Here’s Kate today in Copenhagen. It’s a two-day visit on her own as part of her work on her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. She’s scheduled to meet with experts at the Copenhagen Infant Mental Health Project at the University of Copenhagen and with parents at the Copenhagen Children’s Museum. A stop at the Lego Foundation PlayLab is also on the schedule. 

As always, Kate dressed on theme in a red blazer over a white blouse repping the colours of Denmark. And the hair is really good – an almost-straight blowout, with a just a hint of volume but no sign of a curl or a wave. Let’s see more of this!