Chloe Grace Moretz was on Watch What Happens Live and she was asked about Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. She doesn’t say much… and if you just read the quote, it’s not all that gossipy. If you watch the video though, her tone and her facial expressions colour in the spaces. Chloe is an experienced actor. She knows that how she sounds and looks when she says certain things is part of what she’s communicating. (Dlisted)

Royal Meghan’s father, amazingly, hasn’t had anything new to say in 48 hours. Her sister is now sh-t-talking Chrissy Teigen. Her sister-in-law, Princess Kate, however, is apparently coming through. Nothing to snark about here. Kate’s not going to sell her out. Not ever. (Cele|bitchy) 

The Bruce Willis Roast aired the other night, did you watch? I’ve only really seen headlines about Demi Moore. As we saw when Demi was married to Ashton Kutcher, Demi and Bruce got past their differences a long time ago. These jokes then, as brutal as they were, were probably not badly received. You don’t agree to be roasted if you’re overly sensitive. The whole point is that it’s a night where everyone just comes and takes a dump on you. I’m actually kinda surprised he did it. Because Bruce, sometimes, seems kinda humourless.  (Pop Sugar) 

Holy sh-t, Kid Fury! Do you listen to The Read podcast with Crissle and Kid Fury? We’ve namechecked it a few times here at LaineyGossip. And now Kid Fury is working with Lena Waithe on a series for HBO! Lena, as she’s said, has been workshopping young talent, creating space and opportunity for others as she continues to rise. Showing her work, again and again and again. (Pajiba) 

Here’s what a billion dollar “estate” looks like in LA. Can you call it an estate if there’s no home on it? Otherwise, isn’t just a piece of land? A billion dollar piece of land? This piece of land looks like it could be a golf course. That’s what I would do. I’d build a house and then the golf course would be my backyard. Also I really want a pool. This was a fun fantasy. (TMZ) 

Nobody seems to be able to accept the fact that the “In My Feelings” challenge is over. So a point docked here for still trying to come in on it. What I appreciate about this video though is that they know it’s over…so that’s a point scored back and five bonus ones for the dog. That said, I’m preemptively taking ten points away because now people are going to try it with their cats and hamsters and rabbits and turtles. PS. The challenge I currently can’t stop watching is the “Level Up” challenge. Have you seen Tiffany Haddish’s? (Billboard)


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