Today is Princess Kate’s birthday. She is now 42 years old. In other Kate news, apparently she and William want to move into Royal Lodge but Prince Andrew has been squatting there but now that the Epstein files are out there and everybody is talking once again about removing his ass from the estate, Will and Kate might push to make it their residence again. Aren’t they worried about the bad juju that must be floating around in there though? I’m superstitious, I’d have concerns. (Cele|bitchy) 


Lindsay Lohan showed up for the premiere of Mean Girls, the new movie that’s a musical, and was definitely the big star on that red carpet. She looks good and she has several new projects in production, including a new rom-com called Irish Wish on Netflix that’s coming out in March. Lilo is basically becoming the queen of the Netflix division of Hallmark movies, no shade. Lori Loughlin made a ton of money in that space before she scammed her daughter into college and someone has to fill the vacancy. Also I love Tina Fey’s outfit but I don’t know why she has news anchor hair. (Go Fug Yourself)


Show of hands if you want more Monterey Five, as in season three of Big Little Lies. I can’t decide. Because while I loved the first season, I don’t remember how I felt about the second season. I know how it ended though and presumably that’s where they would take it – but a part of me wants them to get away with it forever. (Pick Random) 

Maria mentioned Aaron Rodgers earlier in Celebrity Social Media and there’s an update – he did not apologise to Jimmy Kimmel and he sounded like an asshole, again. As expected. (Pajiba) 

A recipe for those of you want to make and drink Taylor Swift’s current favourite cocktail. I like St Germain so I might actually try it. (Uproxx)