Princess Kate was asked by a child in Scotland who she was. Her answer made headlines because… well… the first way she thought of to identify herself was… telling? It’s hilarious to me how monarchists are rushing to praise this response – as if to say, see? This is why she’s the perfect princess and future queen, because she knows her place! I mean, I thought we weren’t supposed to tell women anymore to “know your place” unless the place is the CEO’s office but, whatever, however they want to gymnastics themselves in order to praise her, it’s their choice. (Cele|bitchy) 


Felicity Jones’s dress is indeed “super reasonable” as the Fug Girls say. Nothing controversial here. I don’t have an ID on it but the print is similar to the Marine Serre signature but I don’t think it’s Marine Serre because, frankly, Marine Serre doesn’t put out basic sh-t and this dress, the cut of it, is pretty basic. I’m not trying to disrespect it, I’m just saying the print is more interesting than the design. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I cannot wait to dig into this story about the plastic surgeon who was super popular on TikTok and who has now lost her licence to practice because of botched procedures with some people reporting that she was focused on being on camera while performing some of the surgeries! (The Cut) 


This weekend’s box office report isn’t really notable although Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla opened in more theatres and young women showed up and it came in fourth, which is a solid result for this film as it tries to make an award season run. I’ve not seen it yet and I won’t be able to until I return home from my trip next month but I have heard mixed reviews from people I know. Some hated it, some thought highly of it. And Sarah will let me know what she thinks soon but can I just say that everything Jacob Elordi is telling us about how he figured out how to play Elvis is turning me off? Lilo & Stitch and bacon is not it, my guy. (Pajiba) 

The new Speaker of the House in the United States is a homophobe but doesn’t want to talk about beig a homophobe now that he’s the Speaker of the House. How convenient. Pete Buttigieg, however, had the loveliest response on Colbert when asked about it. (The Mary Sue)