When I saw this headline I thought maybe it was an archived link. From like 2005? Next year will mark the 15th anniversary of Kate Moss and Pete Doherty. And those of us who remember those times...don’t necessarily want to remember those times. And the thing is, it would seem that Pete hasn’t moved on from those times. How is he only 40 now? He looks the same. And I don’t know if that’s a compliment. (Dlisted) 

The new Star Wars movie is coming out in just over a month. Which means Rian Johnson’s Star Wars movie is almost two years old. And apparently people are still really mad about it? I loved that movie. It was so good. The one flaw? Too much BB-8. And if people were complaining about that, I would totally understand. Instead they’re still pricking off about, I dunno, too much heroism from a girl. And the fact that Rose is Asian. And that men don’t get to rape people and win the world, or something? Rian Johnson, for them, is Public Enemy #1. The scary part of all of this is that whoever they are, these losers are among us, waiting for their day. Is it coming soon or can we all do what Rian is prescribing, say “f-ck ‘em” and not notice when they go extinct? (Pajiba) 

Serena Williams is grateful to Meghan Markle for coming to see her at the US Open for a quick 24 hour trip back in September and people are wondering now if Meghan brought Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor with her. People were crabbing at the time that she was a terrible mother for leaving her infant to go watch the tennis and now they’ll probably be crabbing again that she disrupted the baby’s schedule for such a short time so basically, either way, judgy moms will win they day. This is the only reason I would WANT to be a mom - to be judged for all my choices, see what it takes to win the award for worst mother of all time. (cele|bitchy) 

Katy Cambridge has added another pair of pants to her Princess Pants 2019 collection. As I’ve said many times this year, as we move deeper into her pants era, Kate and pants go well together. She’s long enough to wear any pant. As a short person who can’t pull off all pants, I envy this attribute. By the way, on their Instagram post today, Prince William mentions “Harry and Meghan” so...are we in for a Christmas thaw? Also...I know it’s been years but wh can’t he just once call her Kate? Catherine hasn’t stuck has it? No one in the world calls her Catherine. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Jennifer Lopez has a new hairstyle. It’s a bob. Or, more accurately, a lob - a long bob. But I’m not sure this is actually news. Because when celebrities like JLo or Beyonce or Lady Gaga change their hair, it lasts for, like, a week. And then they just get new extensions put in. It’s not like when Jennifer Aniston cut her hair into a lob - and she said she hated it, remember? I’ll always remember when she said in an interview that she was trying everything she could, I think she even tossed out the term “blue algae”, to make it grow back. (JustJared)