We’ve received some emails about this today – did you hear about the politician who may or may not have farted on TV? Duana has pitched it for Show Your Work this week, which we are posting a day later this week because of scheduling. There is a lot to discuss in a broadcast fart, especially with the tech. Mics are indeed very sensitive these days. And of course there’s the work issue here: do you just blow past it (sorry) or do you keep calm and carry on? Look, if that’s what really happened, I feel bad for the guy. Being on TV can be stressful. And when people are stressed, they can become gassy. Did you see Creed? Before a fight once, Adonis had to take a sh-t. Before I fly, because I’m so OCD about what I’ve packed and wiping down surfaces and delays and wifi and whether or not I’ve gotten the blog in good shape before takeoff, I’m always bloated. So I can totally relate to his… if he did indeed fart, which he’s denying that he did. (Dlisted) 

The Cambridges, William and Catherine, stepped out last night for the Royal Variety performance. Kate wore McQueen, one of those dresses with nude underlay. I hate a nude underlay dress. Why can’t it be black underlay? (Cele|bitchy) 

This is a spectacular gold dress on Elizabeth Hurley and I wish her hair wasn’t getting in the way of it. But she rarely wears her hair up. Can’t remember the last time I saw her with her hair up. Jennifer Aniston is like this too – like it’s a story when she has her hair in a ponytail. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Donald Trump went to the hospital. There are a lot of questions about why he went to the hospital even though the White House has tried to explain why he went to the hospital. (Pajiba) 

This quiz claimed it could guess my zodiac in just three questions based on what painting, ice cream, and shoes I picked. It was WRONG. I am not a Capricorn, I am a Libra! (Buzzfeed)