Meghan Markle is a troll…and I’m here for it. I f-cking love it. Let me be clear, because yes, I know, typically the word “troll” is used to describe MRA diaper babies and the like on Twitter but trolling is also an art form and celebrities, as Mashable said last year, “are some of the best trolls on the internet”. The examples they cite: Rihanna, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, Chrissy Teigen. They don’t mention one of the biggest trolls, Kim Kardashian. Meghan Markle, or should I say Princess Meghan, falls in to this category. Meghan has shown us Kardashian levels of media manipulation and gameplay. 

Trolling, ultimately, is petty. First class trolling is when you can skillfully disguise your pettiness behind what, on the surface, looks elegant. Meghan, as a member of the royal family, can now deploy this skill to great effect. Let’s enjoy her most recent act of masterful trolling. 

She and Prince Harry have released Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor’s birth certificate. You’ll recall, earlier this week, The Telegraph, one of the British publications that has taken a decidedly anti-Meghan position for months, reported that the Sussexes would NOT be releasing Archie’s birth certificate, leading to all kinds of criticism about Harry and Meghan’s lack of transparency. 


Obviously they were wrong. Here’s the birth certificate: 

Like Kate Middleton before her, Meghan’s occupation is listed to be “Princess of the United Kingdom”. This, by the way, is why I call Kate a “princess”. Note also that Archie was not born at home, he was born at Portland Hospital. And, by the way, it’s rich here that the Daily Mail is smugging about being right because…


That’s the Daily Mail article from April 9 about home birth.

So Meghan, at this point, is HAHAHAHA-ing in the face of the UK tabloids. I don’t know that all royal news consumers are going to put it together, but if you’re here, at our site, you’ve likely been following this and have observed how the accuracy of the British reporting about Meghan and Harry has gradually broken down, which Princess Meghan is all too happy to point out – though not directly. 

See? As I’ve been saying, and I’ll repeat it again, they’re dealing with a Hollywood trained tactician in the art of famewhoring. Can they keep it?