Another member of the royal family has COVID-19. It’s Princess OfMichael. And of course they wanted us all to know where she allegedly got it which… well… that’s lovely, isn’t it? As if that person doesn’t already have a rough time of it, working for this woman, now her employer has basically put out a statement all, IT WASN’T ME IT WAS THEM. (Cele|bitchy) 


I haven’t thought about Ricky Shroder in a long, long time and then he was trending the other day and… ugh. But also, I haven’t seen what he looks like in a long, long time so this photo freaked me out because he looks like himself, for sure. But how I would picture him if they CGI-aged him for a movie. Except this is not CGI. Is it just me? (Dlisted) 

Burlesque came out ten years ago and… I cannot remember this movie! What’s wrong with me?! Anyway, this is what the stars looked like at the premiere. I’m actually surprised that Cher’s outfit was so muted? Also, Kendall Jenner was smiling and I feel like that stopped happening in her poses at some point? (Go Fug Yourself) 

American Thanksgiving is in two days. Take it from a Canadian – after Thanksgiving our COVID numbers spiked and now many parts of the country are back in lockdown so if you’re in the US, please consider extra caution during the holiday weekend. Stephen Colbert has some suggestions if you’re missing that one relative who is a jackass. (Pajiba) 

Have I mentioned how much I hate turkey? I’m not American but many of you reading this are and you’re about to go into Thanksgiving so it’s time for me to dump on turkey again and tell you that if turkey isn’t necessary this year because there really shouldn’t be big gatherings happening, perhaps consider chicken and it’ll taste better. Here’s a roast chicken recipe that’s apparently highly recommended. It sounds like a f-ck load of work but it can’t be more work than a turkey three times its size and guaranteed it’ll taste better because turkey is trash. (Eater)