Dear Gossips,

I’m so nervous about Serena Williams’s Wimbledon final tomorrow, and I’m the asshole watching it from bed, I can’t even imagine what she might be going through. Serena, as we’ve seen, has gotten better and better with every match, which is always the plan – to peak at the right time. But, as we’ve also seen, at last year’s Wimbledon final and the US Open final a couple of months later, she hasn’t been able to close, and a lot of it was mental energy. Even Serena, the Greatest of All Time, struggles with nerves. Which is why the NY Times is asking “Which Version of Serena Williams is Headed to the Wimbledon Final?” 

Everybody knows what it means if she wins. But she’s the only one who truly feels it if she loses. I have a hard time sinking a 3 ft birdie putt with only a handful of people watching. The pressure on Serena, it must be practically suffocating: history is waiting, the world is watching. And that includes the two duchesses. 

Princess Catherine and Meghan Markle will be side by side in the royal box on Saturday for the women’s final between Serena and Simona Halep. They were there a year ago when Serena lost in the final to Angelique Kerber. Here’s what that looked like if you need a refresher: 

A lot has happened since then. Back then they were a joint household. Since then, House Cambridge and House Sussex have separated after months of rumouring about conflict and girl sh-t, even though, really, it’s been boy sh-t, prince sh-t. Earlier this week, Kate and Meghan hung out with the kids at the polo and next they’ll hang out again at the tennis, as the two superstars of the British royal family dazzle the world from the royal box to, perhaps, repair and reverse almost a year of negative headlines. So much to wake for tomorrow morning. 

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,