As we saw at the polo and at Wimbledon, the ladies of House Cambridge and Sussex are getting closer. And royal sources are being captain obvious about the reason: babies. Why can’t we hear a story about how the prince brothers, William and Harry are putting aside their differences because of the babies? Anyway, Kate Middleton rubbed Meghan’s back when Serena Williams lost at the final. Now the tabloids are going to turn it into a whole thing about how Meghan needs to be coddled all the time. (Dlisted) 

Michael Sheen is, apparently a snack! Did you ever expect to read that sentence? I never expected I would write it. He and his girlfriend, Anna Lundberg, also an actor, are expecting their first child together. There’s a 25 year age difference between them. And there will be a 25 year age difference between the child and the mother. Symmetry. (Cele|bitchy) 

I really like the combinataion of colours here on Chrissy Metz’s dress. This shade of pink is so fresh. And the green is kinda minty, which works really well with the pink and coral. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This is not Keanu Reeves. I repeat, it is not Keanu Reeves. But you might have thought it was Keanu Reeves because you would totally believe that Keanu Reeves would stop a robbery. Or…no…wait… that’s more of a Tom Cruise kind of thing, right? Not that Keanu isn’t heroic enough to do it, it’s just that Keanu’s random acts of kindness aren’t usually violent. It’s more like seat sharing on the subway, or entertaining people after a cancelled flight. Changing a car tire, that kind of thing. (Pajiba) 

This is why I can’t go boating. I’ll go on a cruise because a cruise ship is a giant, but I can’t be in a small boat on a body of water with nothing around. Deep water is terrifying. As a control freak, I can’t be comfortable when I can’t see what’s underneath me. What’s in the water? TERROR, that’s what. TERROR! (Buzzfeed)