Dear Gossips,

Priyanka Chopra was not messing around when she told Vogue that people would need a vacation after their wedding. Yesterday she and Nick Jonas hosted another wedding reception in Delhi at the Taj Palace Hotel. She was also trending for much of the day on Tuesday as the photos from their weekend wedding events were published in PEOPLE and HELLO!, including the video of her in her Ralph Lauren gown, walking towards him at the altar, with that overhead drone shot of her 75ft veil – in case you missed it:


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I LOVE that Priyanka knew exactly when the camera would be zooming in on her face and how she timed her expression, looking down first, then lifting her eyes so that they’d meet the light, for exactly that moment. If you’re going to have a veil this extra, of course you’re getting married when the sun’s up. And OF COURSE you’re going to rehearse the sh-t out of it. 

As Kathleen said the other day, it’s so extra. Like extra extra. Even that generic music is extra, basically what you hear in a travel ad. I’m not complaining. A spectacle was promised. A spectacle has been delivered. At this point, I just want to know how much more of this we can expect? Will there be more? 

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