My God this shot of Priyanka Chopra from the back: 

Priyanka Chopra

Now that is a statement. It’s SO f-cking good. And it’s exactly what a headpiece can do for an otherwise not-that-remarkable dress. Yes, it’s velvet in a colour that is deluxe as f-ck on her. But, really, it’s just a strapless Ralph Lauren. Not all that special until the headpiece comes on. With the headpiece, this becomes a Moment. I love how gently it falls around her face, suggesting that despite how decorative it is, there’s movement here. There’s a softness to how it wears. And of course I love how where it’s placed – perfectly back off her hairline, with her hair pressed flat to her forehead in waves that almost, subtly, mimic the way the headpiece might undulate ever so slightly by her chin. Every decision here is the right one – the eye makeup is gorgeous, the eyebrows, GOD those eyebrows, and the lip colour, thank you, Priyanka, for not being afraid of a dark lip despite the darkness of the dress. The more I look at this the better it gets. 

Same goes for Olivia Munn. Her entire look is a scaled down version of Priyanka’s but you can see why we decided to group them, right? This is H&M. The fit of the dress is excellent. And…you might yell at me here but I think, personally, I might be more into Olivia’s chain mail headpiece than Priyanka’s, specifically for its simplicity and probably because it looks a lot more comfortable, which translates to me as accessible. Like, I don’t think I have the endurance for Priyanka’s whereas I might be able to walk around in Olivia’s all night. The effect of it too is just so pretty. Almost as though a sheet came floating down from above, landing gently onto her head. And hers too is a really, really great lip colour.