It’s one person and three outfits. Priyanka Chopra has also been out here promoting The Matrix Resurrections this week. It’s a high-profile movie. She’s in a high-profile town, New York City. And she’s styled by Law Roach. So of course the looks have been good.  


Let’s start with this green shirt and printed skirt. Such a good colour and I love how the inside of the skirt is revealed at the side-tie so you get a different pattern but it all still complements. Also, this is the perfect tuck. You can spend a long time achieving the perfect tuck:  


From green to red, and a suit. I feel like a red suit is always popular on the talk show circuit, so she’s appealing to the majority here, and it’s always a good colour on her. Oh, and right, it’s the holidays. So we’re on theme here. Of the three, to me, it’s the least interesting, and that’s why it’s a good styling decision to schedule it in the middle:  


The best of her three outfits is not usually a design trend that gets me excited. I’m not usually big on lace. But the construction of this fit is just too good, it deserves some respect. Corset on top and straight across, black underwear, and the pants work so well with her shape and they fall to exactly the right length on her leg.  

You can tell. This is the one she likes the most. And she’s right.