A high degree of difficulty here with this look and Priyanka Chopra totally pulls it off. For starters, it’s the colour – a shade of green that does not work on everyone. And then it’s the boudoir vibes … which she leans into with the hair, because that’s a boudoir updo that really plays well with the overall spirit of the fit. (Go Fug Yourself) 


A lot of people lost their blue checks on Twitter last week, including a lot of celebrities. But now Elon Musk is saying that some celebrities can keep them… only to be told by those celebrities that he can keep his blue check because, well, at this point, for celebrities anyway, it’s reputational. No one wants to be seen to be thirsty enough to pay for their check. (Dlisted)

Cable news decided today would be the day of turnover because it’s not only Tucker Carlson but also Don Lemon and given the timing, I wonder whether or not CNN confirmed their news in the hopes that their shakeup would be more muted because of Tucker taking up all the oxygen? (Pajiba) 

Prince Louis turned five years old yesterday and his mother, Princess Kate, did not take his birthday portraits. Which is why she’s in one of them. Louis is wearing a very cute fair isle sweater and if you’re looking for one, I recommend buying now – it’s end of season! (Cele|bitchy) 

A century of New York “It Girls” and what they’re doing now. I’m obsessed with the glasses Marisa Berenson is wearing in her photo from the 70s. I think I might have to go on a search for a similar pair. (The Cut)