Two things have been constant during this awards season – Ray Romano appearing on the red carpet, and my friends mocking me for thinking Ray Romano is attractive. 

Oh, and actually there’s one more thing that’s been going on for weeks: 

Ray Romano actually being hot as hell. 

Exhibit A: 

See how Sandra Oh is looking at him? She knows, and this was before he dropped the f-bomb that was apparently bleeped almost everywhere but not quite:

Do you think swearing is sexy? I don’t need someone to swear, but someone who knows how to do it well, casually from the hip, without making a production out of it? Yeah, that’s going to push you up considerably higher on the attractiveness meter. 

Not that Ray Romano needs any help – here’s exhibit B, at the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday. 


Please. As if there’s any debate about this. Lainey loves to harass me on this front but again, she has different tastes, about which I will refrain from commenting because I can’t think of any descriptors that won’t derail us from the point. 

Which is that Ray Romano is a really attractive looking man. You don’t have to take my word for it, though – here’s Exhibit C: 




I include these not because I need backup on my opinions, but to point out that this is a movement that’s growing. If you feel alone out there because you recognize yourself in these words, you don’t need to hide your feelings. There are people who understand you. (Some of you have already reached out to me, including one with a very illustrative waterfall GIF, so I know you know.) 

If he’s not for you, of course, no big – that’s what makes the world go round. But I was surprised to discover that there are people who love Mark Ruffalo who don’t see it in Ray Romano, and… guys. 

They’re exactly the same, just in slightly different measurements. Like when you can choose between a flat and a heeled boot of the exact same style. 




Navy tux, bow tie, scruffy beard, salt and pepper hair that’s kind of messy, half a smirk, twinkly eye. They’re the same dude, except one of them is the Hulk and the other one is just sort of… hulking. See what I mean? 

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