It’s Groundhog Day and Punxsutawney Phil has apparently had a glow-up, LOLOLOLOL. No but he doesn’t actually look really good and silky. (The Cut) 


A great piece about women in the United States who are stockpiling abortion pills in advance because of the f-cksh-t that’s happening there over reproductive rights. In my opinion there continues to be a lack of awareness about the abortion pill, not just in America but also here in Canada. So here’s just one article about the situation and the programs that are available to women in states where there are abortion bans. (PopSugar)

I am obsessed with this brown suit on Emma Stone. Such an interesting cut on the jacket, the pants are the perfect length, good choice to go with white boots, and I wish we could get a better look at the sweater or whatever it is on the inside. Her wardrobe during this phase of the campaign, to me, has been a balance of “actress” outfits and “producer” outfits, since she’s campaigning on two fronts. The brown suit definitely falls into the “producer” category. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Traffic, my favourite subject to rage about because I live in a city with impossible traffic: Toronto. And just last night I was in another city with impossible traffic: Los Angeles. Getting to the airport in LA is a f-cking mess. There’s a crazy bottleneck as you approach LAX – and this was at 930pm – because there aren’t enough lanes. Like we spent half an hour at the airport itself, trying to get from one terminal to the other. I should have just walked. So I was kind of amazed to see that LA was 9th on this list. (Cele|bitchy)

Netflix has released new stills from the upcoming second season of Squid Game, still the most watched series in Netflix history. I screamed over two of these images: Park Gyu Young who is apparently one of the new contestants and Gong Yoo, who is back as The Recruiter, holding a gun and looking very smug. (Soompi)