Dear Gossips, 

Earlier this week Beyoncé announced the release date for “DRIP 2”. The new IVY PARK x Adidas collection is coming on October 30. But we hadn’t seen any gear yet. 

Well, now we know. As Kathleen wrote on our group text this morning, “Take all my money Bey!”


For me it’s all the belt-bags. Belt-bags are the only thing I carry now, even before the pandemic. So I really, really want the mint green and the neon yellow. These neon fits are pretty spectacular. That’s where Kathleen is focused. Probably Duana will be all about the green. And Sasha’s partial to neutrals so I can see her copping the tan look. Which leaves me with the poppy… 

And I’m not normally for anything in the poppy colour range but these joggers with the classic three stripes! 


I’ll be in that f-cking waiting room on October 30, hopefully it’s a new and improved waiting room. 

And that’s a day before Halloween which reminds me…

Last year for her 2019 birthday, the Queen dropped a whole photo album on us with never-before-seen images from her extensive archive including her Halloween costume from the year before. It was Beyoncé as Lisa Bonet. I know you remember this: 

You will note, as she does, she did not share it at the time. She waited, and just casually included it among other shots, letting the internet and everyone find it and freak out appropriately. We still don’t know however what Beyoncé was for Halloween last year. Because she hasn’t told us yet. And before you counter that maybe she didn’t dress up for Halloween last year, she and Jay-Z hosted a Halloween party. Jay dressed as John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. So many celebrities were there and not only were there no photos of Beyoncé, nobody who was there dared to talk about what Beyoncé looked like that night. Only Beyoncé gets to share what Beyoncé was for Halloween. 

Will we find out soon? 

Yours in gossip,