There are so many parts of this story that… delight and fascinate and horrify me all at the same time. My takeaway at the end is that I’m a stupid f-ck taking on every job I can and that’s about all I deserve because I wish I could be in a position to make money off of my bath water. I can’t. And this girl can. Because there’s a market for it! (Dlisted) 

I know. The Viktor & Rolf collection here looks really costumey. But I LOVE the shapes and the drama of it all. And the pieces themselves are exquisite. Yes, the hair and makeup have been heightened to add theatre to the presentation, but it can all also be toned down. I mean, I don’t know why you would, because this is SO good and extra, but the option is there, you know? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Queen Elizabeth’s mother enjoyed her drink. And probably her “drinks per week” count was much higher than the recommended amount. Are you asked that when you go for your annual checkup? I am and I answer honestly but I’m always looking for the judgment in my doctor’s eyes. Not that anyone’s judging the Queen. She apparently has four drinks a day – and clearly it works for her as it did for her ma. I agree with Kaiser here though: what won’t work for much longer is all that shovelling! (Cele|bitchy) 

As you know if you’re a regular visitor of this site, I’m not a fan of the gender reveal trend. Is it even a trend anymore? Has it become a tradition? Or has it gone over to the other side and become a stunt? This example is definitely a stunt. A terrifying stunt. Apparently this isn’t the first time it’s happened either. Nobody was hurt, thankfully, but watch this thing and all that sh-t that gets released into the atmosphere. That must hurt more than it helps, non? (OMG Blog) 

You remember Ryan Gosling’s dog, George? George went everywhere with Ryan until his time came. Ryan and Eva Mendes have a new dog now. His name is Lucho…and Ryan looks like he’s very much in love. Lucho is a sweetie! Look at those floppy ears! (TMZ)