Queen Elizabeth got a haircut – shorter for summer, and cooler. I was in England last month and it got pretty hot. I don’t know how well air conditioning works in those old castles but an inch of hair can make a big difference. You don’t think it would, but it totally does. (Cele|bitchy) 


I LOOOOOOVE this Prabal Gurung collection. As the Fug Girls say, it is very floral and so pretty but also sexy and modern and…well… perfect. And since he’s been working so much lately with Michelle Yeoh, I can’t wait to see a few of these looks on her. She’d look amazing in that blue beaded jumpsuit (slide #7). And the one-shoulder dress (slide #8). Oh and the printed pantsuit too (slide #5). For Gemma Chan, OMG, someone please send her the mix-and-match jacket and long skirt combination with combats (slide #6). (Go Fug Yourself)

I don’t have an Alexa but in the future, you might be able to Alexa any voice, even the voice of someone who’s not around anymore. In 40 years from now, when my ma won’t be around, I wonder if I’ll want that, if I’ll want to hear her telling me to drink my soup and save my money. Sorry for being a bummer.  (Dlisted) 


I know someone who went on his honeymoon recently and his wife’s luggage didn’t arrive. That was A MONTH AGO. Over 90 passengers didn’t get their luggage on the flight. And, again, the bag is still missing! British Airways lost Aisling Bea’s luggage. So she wore her hotel robe on Jimmy Kimmel. Of course she could have gotten another outfit in time. But points were made! (Pajiba) 

Like so many of you, all the phases of my life can be tracked through the boy bands that I lived for back in adolescence. Duran Duran was during the early period. I was obsessed! My bias was Simon Le Bon. So this piece will be the last thing I read tonight, I’m saving it for bedtime, when I can revisit all those feelings and that early thirst. (Vulture)