Nicole Scherzinger is apparently confirming the rumour that T.I. and Tiny often invite guests to come over to, um, join their situation. So…who else has received this kind of invitation? Why is Chelsea Handler coming to mind? Relax. I’m sure Chelsea isn’t part of this mess. I’m just saying her face popped in my mind. Also “bootcut” is a really, really funny answer. (Dlisted) 

Queen Elizabeth has given up driving. I don’t even know why she was driving in the first place. That’s the difference, I guess, between royals and normals. We normals are all like, f-ck this normal sh-t, give me the driver and the helicopter and all the bonuses. And royals are always like, oh let’s try out this normal sh-t, isn’t that so fun, to be able to dabble in what commoners get to do now and again? Except, it’s like take-on take-off normal. Royals always get to opt out of “normal” whenever the f-ck they feel like it. (Cele|bitchy) 

I don’t necessarily like this outfit on Vanessa Hudgens – the skirt is too long and that material is too shiny and it’s doing nothing for the colour green – but I do like that she’s experimenting with shirt-tucking. As in, a shirt doesn’t have to be tucked all the way in and it doesn’t have to be all the way tucked-out. I like a half-tuck and this quarter tuck isn’t bad either, I might try it. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This was one of the first headlines I read today. Which tells you how enlightened I am – but seriously: water with cereal instead of milk? WHAT KIND OF MONSTER? That said, maybe I do weird sh-t with food. Like… I’ll dunk almost anything into sour cream. Is that weird? (Pajiba) 

It was inevitable that Ariana Grande would want to trademark her catchphrase – “thank u, next” is a great catchphrase. I want to know, though, how it’s going to be styled. Because it’s getting really  confusing now with people mixing lower cases or all upper cases (think “goop”) and, technically, the song is called “thank u, next” so is that how the products will read? (TMZ) 

Taylor Swift got publicly political last year, for the first time. She promised it was not a one-off. This, however, is not a political act. She’s supporting human rights and equality – which, unfortunately, in these times has become political but, really, it’s not at all. (Time)