The man she’s speaking to? He has a f-cking TONE. And most of the time, when I get tone, while I would like to believe that my comebacks are as beautiful as hers, they’re not. In fact, sometimes I just cower. Sometimes, before I go to bed, I replay the times when I’ve been at the receiving end of tone and I imagine how I would have handled it differently. Maxine Waters will never be my coach, officially. But this is now my official coaching video. And this is what I will try to work into every conversation I have in the future with an asshole. “I’m reclaiming my time.” (Dlisted) 

Prince Albert of Monaco, who fathered two children out of wedlock, and according to royal law in Monaco, children born out of wedlock have no claim to royalty, is now apparently dispensing advice to members of the British royal family about integrating commoners into the circle. Well he clearly did a great job himself, especially on his wedding day, because I’ll never forget how well integrated Charlene of Serenity seemed to be during the ceremony.  (Cele|bitchy) 

Everyone’s talking about how much alcohol the Queen drinks in a day. Her choice of drinks, and when she drinks them, reminds me of her ma, the Queen Mother. Legend has it, the Queen Mother could throw a few back – and did. And she lived to be 101. So, if this is true about Her Majesty, it’s something in those genes.  (Pop Sugar) 

I haven’t heard from Duana at all today. No doubt she’s buried under work. Because I know that if she had a spare minute, she would have already sent me this. Or a voice message, singing the very same song. Does your dad sing? My dad is all about the karaoke. Some dads give funny or heartfelt toasts at your wedding. My dad decided to sing at my wedding. At the reception it was My Way and Bridge Over Troubled Water. I win. (Pajiba) 

After all the drama of the last couple of weeks, Justin Bieber’s father is with him now. Maybe he didn’t appreciate the fact that other people were supposedly stepping into JB’s life as father figures: Pastor Carl Lentz recently and before that, Scooter Braun. Maybe JB’s dad knows he needs to be there for his son. Maybe JB’s dad saw those photos of Pastor Carl Lentz doing shots with Justin and was like… ummm… I could totally do that too? Or maybe Malibu is awesome in August? (TMZ) 

Taylor Swift is trying to be mysterious and stay underground. But Taylor Swift continues to be discussed. This time, Taylor Swift is coming up in conversation about Arcade Fire and Father John Misty. I know, right? Those wouldn’t have been the two artists you expected to read in relation to Taylor. That said, Kanye West makes an appearance too. (Pitchfork)