I’m sorry to yell at you. But I think you understand? I think you’ll also understand too that I’m going to use more exclamation points than I ever have in this post. Because…

IT’S TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happens in July? Paris Fashion Week. WHO happens in July?

It’s the Queen of all Feelings AND Fashion, Celine Dion. Celine in Paris, the annual event!

Celine, as you can see, has arrived. And she is locked and loaded, feeling the f-ck out of herelf, stepping out today in dancer style by Chanel, coming through for the paparazzi who, also, have marked this time of year down as an annual tradition. Celine benefits everyone: we win because we LIVE when she’s out here parading around in all this fashion porn, the designers win because she gives them so much shine, and the paps win because her pictures always sell. Celine has always been generous.

This should be a drinking game. When Celine ducks up out of the top of an SUV, take a shot. When she exits from the hotel revolving door and turns it into some kind of vaudeville act, take a shot. When she wraps herself around a lamppost like it’s a lover, take a shot. When she decides that doing air guitar on the curb is a great way to have your photo taken, take a shot. Those are the old standbys. Once in a while, though, Celine finds a new way to pose, ridiculously, that you never thought of before. 

So, again, you better be ready. It’s going to be days and days of this, outfit after outfit, moment after moment, weird pose after weird pose – and next level extra, as only Celine can bring.