Quinta Brunson covers Cosmpolitan, because sometimes things are good. This photoshoot has big NYE vibes. (Go Fug Yourself)


A Very Backstreet Holiday has been cancelled by ABC after new sexual assault allegations came out against Nick Carter. This is like the third or fourth time Carter has been the subject of such allegations, why is a network like ABC still betting on him? (DListed)

Trevor Noah’s tenure on The Daily Show ended last night. He managed to make the show all his own, while also satisfying Comedy Central’s goal of attracting a younger audience to the show. Now, though, it feels like TDS is a bit in the wilderness. Comedy Central is a mess these days, more a production company now than a proper network, and they won’t just commit to giving the desk to Roy Wood, Jr., so we’ll be subjected to a revolving door of hosts. Because that worked out so well for Jeopardy. Noah, though, will undoubtedly be fine. (Popsugar)

Mindy Kaling continues to carry water for BJ Novak, who doesn’t even need it! His directorial debut, Vengeance, is really good! Let this man sink or swim on his own, Mindy. He can take care of himself. (Celebitchy)

The ineffable Kayleigh Donaldson examines the phenomenon of Adam Driver-inspired characters taking over romantic fiction. What is it about this redwood of a man that is so widely appealing? (Paste Magazine)