The Fug Girls are wondering whether or not Rachel Brosnahan is heading to Coachella this coming weekend based on her outfit. It is definitely giving festival except for the hair. Which is a quick fix. Just add flowers and or feathers. (Go Fug Yourself) 


The Super Mario movie set records on opening weekend and it’s not that it wasn’t predicted to win the weekend, it’s just how big the number was. So you know what that means. We’re getting another Mario, right? It may not be official yet but there’s no way they don't make more. (Dlisted) 

Reddit is asking “what was discontinued that you miss like hell”. For me it’s the MAC Liquid Last eyeliner in brown. It was the BEST long-last brown eyeliner on the market – and I’ve tried all of them. Liquid Last doesn’t f-cking move, and you would know this if you use the black. But sometimes you just want a softer line…and the brown was perfect, so many of us relied on it. And for whatever reason MAC decided to pull it. The black is still available so I don’t understand WHYYYYYYY can’t they bring back the brown?! (Pajiba) 


As is the case with so many stories about the British royal family that are ostensibly intended to be favourable to them, I don’t think this is doing what they hoped it would do. Here’s a story about Kate and what was “hard for her”: walking alongside Meghan Markle after the Queen died last year. One of the “hardest things she’d ever had to do”. I don’t understand how this is a good look? (Cele|bitchy) 

Have you spent half the day reading all the think pieces about what happened on Succession last night? There are a lot of factors that go into Succession’s greatness – and one of those things is that it always gives you what you need and not what you want. Ending the show after four seasons is exactly what we need, it’s exactly the right thing. Which is what Brian Cox gets into in his new interview with The New York Times. Last night’s development is also “what you need” storytelling which Brian obviously appreciates. (New York Times)