Dear Gossips, 

As mentioned in my post last Friday about Jacob Elordi hosting Saturday Night Live, I expected that Renee Rapp would steal the show. And, well, in my opinion anyway, I wasn’t wrong. It’s Renee’s moment right now and she seized it both with her cameo in the lipreading sketch and with her two performances, including the second time she took the stage after being introduced by the OG Regina George, Rachel McAdams…which was the highpoint of the episode. 


Rachel abstained from the Mean Girls Walmart commercial. She did not attend the new Mean Girls premiere a few weeks ago. She should be more of a presence this award season for her supporting work in Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret. So her surprise appearance on Saturday night felt like a flex – on her own behalf but also for Renee. A passing of the torch, obviously. And also a reminder that she doesn’t just show up anywhere for anyone, no matter how much money you throw at her. 


Renee made headlines last week when she revealed herself to be “ageist” and dumped on millennial women. Rachel, obviously, is the exception. 


As for Jacob – a lot of what was supposed to be funny on SNL was built around the fact that he’s tall and he’s beautiful. It was lazy, and that’s not his fault. But as I was watching all the “you’re so hot” bits fall flat during his episode, I kept wondering how he was taking it. Because his whole sh-t has been about not wanting to be seen as just a big snack. And that’s what ended up happening. Were they trolling him? 

Attached - Rachel, Renee, and Jacob attending the SNL after party in New York on the weekend. 

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