Rachel Weisz was at the Oscars as a nominee last night for Best Supporting Actress for The Favourite and Daniel Craig was there as a presenter and they’re married so… you’d think they’d come together, right? They walked the carpet together not too long ago at the Golden Globes but they did not arrive at the same time. I was curious when I saw it on the limo cam. And then I missed the first 20 minutes of the show because we were still wrapping our links so when I saw Daniel later, presenting with Charlize Theron, and he kept his hand in his pocket, I was like…is there a problem? There shouldn’t be a problem, if he agreed to present with his wife in the audience, right? 

Then I went back to watch the Best Supporting Actress presentation, after Joanna told me that there was a cutaway of Rachel and Daniel looking cute when her name was called. True. Very cute. Here’s what it looked like: 

Also this:


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Maybe Daniel was working, busy, had to come later. Maybe Rachel was getting ready somewhere else, maybe he stayed back to look after the baby, that’s why they had to arrive separately. Is that also why they weren’t seen much at the end of the show?

I was looking for her when Olivia Colman won Best Actress. Didn’t see her, did you? Neither did Joanna who’s usually the most eagle-eyed of everyone – and it’s not like you could miss Rachel’s polarising red dress. We’ll get to that in minute. Did they leave? Hopefully it’s not a worrying situation. Because those three, Olivia, Rachel, and Emma Stone, are super close. I feel like Rachel would want to be there for Olivia’s category. 

As for her dress, this Givenchy was one of the most polarising looks of the night, because of the shape and the material. It’s the latex on the top, worn like a cut-off tee over a gown which, the more I look at it, the more I like, especially the shape it creates from the side view, with the front and the back bumping out equally and the top sitting above it all like a droid, like a droid from Star Wars. I appreciate the attempt to play with different shapes and silhouettes and, I’m telling you, this dress is much less oppressive than most of the ones we saw last night, what with the undergarments and the posture requirements. I spent 10 hours in my dress and I feel like I’m going to have back pain for a week.