I like the high collar grandma Victorian thing. So, obviously, I’m all over this look on Rachel Weisz. Even the blue doesn’t bother me, and blue’s not typically my sh-t. This material isn’t typically my sh-t either. But it’s a great colour on her. And it’s a great fit on her. And the print takes away from the material what could have been a lighting problem on the fabric (Princess Kate did this last week too).

I don’t know if I would have opted for the slit up the leg though. It seems like a pain in the ass. And, as noted, since I like my sh-t grandma and old-fashioned, the slit kinda takes away from that whole vibe, almost as though it’s trying to compensate for the modesty above with some provocation down below. 

Whatever. Nobody has any f-cks to give about my preferences. She looks amazing. The end.