And now, after all that, Rachel Zegler will be at the Oscars after all – as a presenter. Which makes sense, and should have been a decision from the beginning because, as mentioned, there are people who are presenting who have exactly zero to do with some of the nominated films while she would have been left off the guest list. Now it’s a real scramble, because of schedules and…styling! There are celebrities who’ve had weeks to put together their custom looks. Not that Rachel will be hard to dress, but still, you want to pick at the beginning, not at the end. (THR) 


Kate Cambridge wore a shimmering pink in Belize but the real star of this look is her hair – straight, no clumpy curls or waves. I like it so much like this. (Cele|bitchy) 

One of the biggest celebrity headlines today is about Kylie Jennifer and Travis Scott changing the name of their seven-week-old son from Wolf to something else because now that they know him, the name doesn’t suit him. And I get it. Maybe he’s more of a Rabbit and less of a Wolf in personality. Did you know that one of the reasons wolves can’t be domesticated (not that I’m saying they should be) is because they grow up so fast? Wolves aren’t babies for very long. Another justification for the name change. (Dlisted) 

To me the glasses are the best part of Kim Kardashian’s outfit here. Otherwise I don’t think this qualifies really as an outfit because the point of it isn’t to showcase design, it’s to show off her body. But maybe that is the point of SKIMS so, as usual where the Kardashians are concerned, I’m wrong. Remember when she was wrong though about the name of her line? It was supposed to be Kimono. And after backlash she changed it to SKIMS, which is an excellent name, so much better. (Go Fug Yourself) 

What is something that sounds like it would be bullsh-t but is in fact real? The thing about the pineapples f-cked me up. I just had pineapples in my oatmeal this morning. (Pajiba)