I’m not breaking any new ground when I say that Inside the NBA is the best sports panel show in the business, in any sport. Shaq, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson can obviously talk ball. 

Shaquille O'Neal, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley speak onstage during the 2017 NBA Awards Live on TNT on June 26, 2017 in New York

But television is also entertainment, and this is LIVE entertainment, so from a TV production nerd perspective, this is also exactly how you produce live entertainment: let them loose, and the looser they are, the better the TV is for it. Of course, everyone should be prepared, of course they should be organised, but equally as important… you have to run with the spontaneity, especially when your hosts are this dynamic, the chemistry is this good between them, and together they are SO f-cking funny. So enjoy it while you can, because the way it’s looking, they may not be back next season. (Uproxx)  


Demi Moore was being talked about even before the Cannes Film Festival even started, and now that it’s over, she’s still being talked about for her performance in The Substance as she’s now getting big buzz, some say even possible Oscar buzz, for this role that she says arrived in her life when she was thinking about not acting anymore. This is a common Oscar storyline – and it’s a good one. By saying that I don’t mean that it's not true, when actors feel like they want to quit, and talk about that on the Oscar campaign because it is legitimately what has happened to so many of them: they feel lost in the business, and then an opportunity comes around and they’re able to find the spark again. See Brendan Fraser. This year it could be Demi Moore. (Pajiba)


Heidi Klum was in Cannes, which is actually the best place for her red carpet style because Euro tacky is the Cannes dress code so it’s not so much that she understood the assignment, it’s that it’s the only assignment she understands. Here she is wearing one giant ruffle. In peach, of course. (Go Fug Yourself)

I missed this last week but Kendall Jenner covers the new issue of Vogue to celebrate her decade as a model which, like, is the kind of treatment a super like Gisele would get and, for Gen Z, is that seriously an equivalent? (Celebitchy)

Someone’s gonna yell at me because they’ve somehow avoided all the internet and the television today and do not know the result at the French Open so I will not tell you what happened. Instead, read this piece on Rafael Nadal by Gerald Marzorati as we consider what we might have just seen. 

Attached: Rafa at the French Open on May 27, 2024.