Is anyone else bristling at the use of the word “my” here? “My new TV show.” It’s not like Lindsay Lohan is standing beside two no-names either. It’s not like these two men haven’t had success. In fact, she’s the one, in between them, who probably needs the work the most. But it’s “her” show. Some of you will tell me that it’s just a word. I’m telling you that it’s the way she has always used her words. (Dlisted) 

Sam Taylor-Johnson is clear about what it was like working with EL James on Fifty Shades Of Grey. I mean at this point there’s no sense denying the rumours. And of course there are different sides to every story. But you can tell what happened to the quality of the movie when Sam left. Under her direction it had its moments. Without her… it was such a f-cking bore. I’m curious though – do you think she gave Charlie Hunnam the heads-up about the situation? (Jezebel) 

What did you think of Kevin Spacey’s “coming out” jokes last night? Because… I mean… is it really a joke? Is it funny? Considering that audience, not just in the theatre but for the kids who might be watching? During Pride Month? And after what happened last year? He can decide when or not to come out. But to turn that into something to be ridiculed… to me it read tone-deaf and totally unnecessary. (Just Jared) 

Pippa Middleton’s endless honeymoon tour is still happening. When she gets home will we have to start referring to her at Philippa the way Kate became Catherine when they got engaged? Also, the reason for all these photo opps, all these shots of them waving like they’re on tour, is it because they don’t have Instagram? Think about it. If Pippa had a public Instagram there would be no need for this. (Cele|bitchy) 

I liked Sarah Paulson’s Tonys dress before I saw it up close. Up close, it’s that sheer panel above the chest. I don’t understand why it has to be there. I mean I appreciate that it’s barely there. But still, it’s a strapless, right? I feel like it works better as a true strapless, non? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Rafael Nadal. Straight sets. 10 French Open titles. TEN. TEN!!! And I know it seemed easy. It’s never easy when everyone’s saying that you’re due for an upset. Or due to retire. It’s never easy when you’re playing against yourself. And it’s definitely not easy when people are comparing you vs you. What we see from Rafa yesterday was the best Rafa. The Rafa who will be remembered.  (The Ringer)