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Beyoncé’s new IVY PARK drop is called Park Trail. What I like about it is that orange features prominently. And if we’re talking about orange, well, right now there’s no better celebrity to rep orange than Ice Spice. She has the freshest look of the moment – because of her signature hairstyle. Here she is in head-to-toe orange: 


And she looks amazing in the ruched catsuit: 


I just learned this about Ice Spice: she’s a New Year’s Day baby, and a millennium baby – she was born January 1, 2000. Which makes her… a Rabbit. And it happens to be the Year of the Rabbit. Her birthday, however, is actually a really good example of how the Chinese Zodiac calendar works. Because the Chinese Zodiac runs on the lunar calendar. Which means if your birthday is in January or February, you always need a Chinese Zodiac calculator to determine your astrological sign, since Lunar New Year is different every year, depending on the cycle of the moon. 

In Ice Spice’s case, if you just googled “Chinese astrological sign for the year 2000”, it will tell you that it’s Dragon. But in the year 2000, Lunar New Year didn’t start until February 5 which means Ice Spice technically was born BEFORE the Year of the Dragon and her sign is actually Rabbit. 


A Rabbit in the Year of the Rabbit isn’t necessarily super lucky. Rather the energy flow could be a bit uneven. Best to use caution. That said, according to my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, who studies feng shui and Chinese astrology, the unluckiest sign during the Year of the Rabbit is the Rooster. That’s because if you look at the Chinese zodiac chart – which you can see here - the Rabbit and the Rooster are on opposite ends of the cycle. They are counter signs. Roosters, then, should be extra careful this year. 

You know who’s a Rooster? Beyoncé. Also Britney Spears, because they are the same age. Meghan Markle too. Also Ariana Grande and my beloved Suga! Roosters are advised to beware of injuries, be careful about money, be careful who they trust. 


It is a tradition here every year – my ma prepares special astrological charms for those who could use the protection. We’re a bit late this time because ma couldn’t find charms that she was happy with until recently. The charms are ready and we have 18 of them available to give away to those born under the sign of the Rooster. If you’d like to double-check if you are a Rooster, punch in your birthday to the Chinese astrological calculator here. So many people, particularly those born in January and February, always think they’re under one sign when they really belong to another. 

As for the charms, they have been specifically selected for Roosters for this year so if you are a Rooster or you know a Rooster and would like to enter the draw, please email by Monday, February 27 at 3pm ET with the word “CHARM” in the subject line. We’ll let you know in a couple of weeks. 

NOTE: We initially posted the wrong email address.  If you got a bounceback please use the one listed.  It has been updated. 

Yours in gossip,