Dear Gossips, 

This was not supposed to be today’s open. But I realised that what I was writing as today’s open wasn’t a true open and then I got preoccupied with a question I just asked myself so now today’s open is about Brian Austin Green. 


Never would have thought if you asked me a week ago that BAG would be kicking off the site. But he’s now separated from Megan Fox and he’s been in the news and he was papped at the grocery store yesterday and I thought to myself… oh, yeah, Brian Austin Green is hot, right? 

So then I asked our group chat, which includes Duana, “Is Brian Austin Green hot?” To which Duana replied, “His voice is”. 

It is? 

I don’t remember this. Which meant I had to google an interview. And that’s what I realised… 


Brian Austin Green sounds like Justin Timberlake, with more raspy-ness. And Justin Timberlake looks like Brian Austin Green! They totally have the same nose. Shape of head too. 

Brian Austin Green/Justin Timberlake 

After lazy investigation then, I cannot agree that Brian Austin Green has a hot voice. But I can say that Brian Austin Green is a way better version in looks of Justin Timberlake. This concludes my meditation. 

Yours in gossip,