People are wondering whether or not Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner are still a thing. There have been rumours this week that they’ve split. The rumours seem to be originating from Life & Style so… I’m not sure why we even have to pay attention since this is not a publication that’s known for accuracy. We’re talking about it though because we’ve been given a correction. 


TMZ reported yesterday that Timmy and Kylie have not broken up. 

“We've spoken to multiple sources close to the couple who tell us just because Kylie and the "Wonka" star haven't been seen together in public doesn't mean they've split. Our sources say everything is cool between the two, they're still an item, and "any reports that say otherwise are false." One source warned fans, "not to believe everything they read."

I mean what’s telling here is not the rumour but the speed with which they wanted to address it, almost as though they want to make sure that we know that Kylie is definitely still booed up with Timmy. We got it, Kris, thanks. 


But the distance is probably why the speculation started. Timmy’s been seen often in New York the last couple of weeks, hometown boy walking around the city casually… and there’s been no sign of Kylie. Because of the strike he’s not working right now so he, presumably, has time to date. Maybe he’s back in LA now and Kris will arrange some photos. 

In other related news though, Travis Scott’s new album, UTOPIA, just came out last week. Last Friday I posted about “Meltdown”, one of the tracks off the album that features Drake, and Drake reigniting his beef with Pusha T and dragging Pharrell into the chat. People think Travis is taking aim on his verse too. These are the lyrics in question: 

“Chocolate AP and chocolate the Vs 

Got the Willy Wonka factory

Burn an athlete like it’s calories

Find another flame as hot as me”


The Willy Wonka reference is pretty self-explanatory. But this really isn’t a flaming shot. By diss standards, if you can even call this a diss, it’s relatively harmless. Which could mean that Travis really has no issues here, and it would make sense since they have more than Kylie in common. Timmy is good friends with Kid Cudi and Kid Cudi and Travis are tight too. If he wanted to, Travis could have gone way harder and since he didn’t, maybe he’s just not all that bothered. 

Attached -  Timothée Chalamet out in New York late last week.