Reba McEntire is returning to sitcoms! (OMG Blog)


Every time someone tries to bring back 2000s style, I look at a retrospective of any event during that decade, especially the early years, and then I beg whatever entity that might be listening that we do NOT bring back 2000s style. It was a bad era! Probably the worst style era of my lifetime. (Go Fug Yourself)

Calista Flockhart still has to answer questions about her body. Usually, the body positivity question goes to plus-size body types, but sometimes the naturally thin get the questions, too. I’ve seen Calista Flockhart over the years, she is TINY. And not “Hollywood tiny”, if you knew her, she would be the tiniest bitch in your acquaintance. It’s not that she’s so short, it’s just that everything about her is in miniature, except her large eyes and wide smile—which is what makes her so compelling to watch! She has the exact right combination of large and small features to be interesting to look at (as do Natalie Portman and Emma Stone). But yeah, I buy that she’s just naturally slim. (Celebitchy)


Robert Downey, Jr. probably nominated Margot Robbie for Best Actress. I’m not convinced Barbie can pull off an Argo-style upset on Oscar night, but I DO think there is a schism in the Academy and the Margot Robbie/Greta Gerwig exclusions have exposed a widening gap between certain factions in the Academy. I’m still thinking about this, might have better thoughts later. (Variety)

It’s not just funny that the internet trauma-dumped on Elmo. It’s funny that the internet trauma-dumping on Elmo is a national news story. Like, welcome to the internet, mainstream media, everyone’s miserable all of the time! (NBC News)