It was a matter of time. I’m surprised it took this long. The most random-ass complaint about Wonder Woman. She’s either too much woman. Or she’s not enough woman… from a certain place. Sarah noted in her review of Wonder Woman that it would have been interesting (if there was time) for Diana to explore why her presence was such an affront in certain rooms, especially since she’d just arrived from a place where the women’s voice was the only voice. So, yeah, imagine what Diana would think in these times. When a woman could go to jail for a year for simply laughing – LAUGHING! – during the attorney general’s confirmation hearing. (Dlisted) 

Mom jeans all day, why you mad tho?” This video is not for Leonardo DiCaprio. But it’s true that this is a great summer jam. And not just because of who you’re seeing here but because, yeah, back in the summer, you hung out with your friends on the porch, cruised by the basketball courts, and definitely waited for the ice cream truck to come by. No matter how old you are, it’s still exciting when the ice cream truck comes by! (Jezebel) 

Do you watch Atlanta? Have I nagged you to watch Atlanta enough? Zazie Beetz is probably my favourite on Atlanta. And then Lakeith Stanfield. Zazie Beetz just answered a certain question that Zoe Saldana wasn’t able to. Also Zazie Beetz is going to be in the Deadpool sequel. Which already means the sequel will be better than the first. And also? I think I need to jack whatever product she used here to make her skin look wet like that. (Just Jared) 

If you are married or are planning to be married, how important is it to you that your spouse wear his or her wedding band? I don’t know if I have strong feeling about it – at least not until now. But I do have strong feelings about referring specifically to a man wearing a wedding ring as “the smallest handcuff in the world”. That’s the Daily Mail. F-ck you, Daily Mail. Would anyone ever say that about a woman wearing her wedding band? So now I guess I’m firmly on the side of YES to the wedding band for men.  (Cele|bitchy) 

Obviously I love this outfit. Maybe I would have wanted the pants to be more narrow at the ankle but maybe that material doesn’t suit that cut? But I need to see more of the shoes. What are these shoes? How mismatched are they? Is it plaid? Is it ribbons? That’s another reason why the pants need a rethink. Because they’re hiding the shoes! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Rebecca Mead profiled Rebecca Hall for The New Yorker this month. Do you miss Rebecca Hall? I loved Rebecca Hall in The Town. I loved her in Vicky Christina. But then, it went quiet a little, right? Or at least it seems like it did? She’s been doing a lot of stage work. Oh and she’s married now, to Morgan Spector. And they’ve worked together on a few plays. There’s a bit in here about their interactions with each other in difficult scenes. I have always found it fascinating how that works, not just that you’re working with your husband, but you’re working through that kind of emotion, in such a vulnerable setting… what happens when you get home? (The New Yorker)