House of Gucci is now in theatres. The promo tour continues through award season but here’s a recap of all of Lady Gaga’s Lady Gucci looks so far. It’s been drama and spectacle the whole way. Does she stay with this energy through the entire run? Or will we see her switch it up as we get closer to nomination time?  (Go Fug Yourself)


It's American Thanksgiving and we are still talking about Will Smith’s sex life. Are you thankful? Now we’re learning that he used to vomit after orgasming. From too much sex. The lesson here is that sometimes we are served the gossip that we never knew we did NOT want. I never send back food at a restaurant, but I would like to send back this gossip. (Dlisted) 

Now this is definitely Thanksgiving content. I can’t wait to watch this over the holidays – and I’ll need it. The Sesame Street documentary! It’s called Sesame Gang and you’ll be crying five seconds into the trailer. So get ready to sob for two hours and feel whole by the end of it. (OMG Blog)

Some members of the British media are salty about British stars and personalities doing interviews with Oprah, like the Sussexes and Adele, and they want to know why there’s no Oprah in the UK. Ummmmm…who wants to explain this to them? (Celebitchy) 

In light of the verdict that was announced today, with George McMichael, his son Travis McMichael, and William Bryan Jr found guilty of murdering Ahmaud Arbery, this piece by Ibram X Kendi about who gets to be afraid is worth the re-read. (The Atlantic)