Reese Witherspoon’s Home Again was not well-received by critics or at the box office. Reese’s advantage, however, was the Emmys. No one was talking about how much her movie sucked because we were all talking about whether or not Big Little Lies would prevail at the Emmys. And it did.

Reese’s Stella McCartney blazer-dress was Duana’s pick for worst Emmys look. Pretty sure no one was fighting her on that. Duana, however, initially tried to defend it. She tried to defend it by saying that Reese was there in her capacity as a producer and so she dressed like a proper, all business. That was before Big Little Lies was named Outstanding Limited Series, before Reese and Nicole and the entire team went up to accept the award. Before Reese’s acceptance speech. For which she was unprepared. And rambled. And Nicole  had to jump in and do some talking. The speech did not match the outfit. If the outfit was for a boss, the speech was not boss.

Here’s Reese last night promoting Home Again in London in another Stella McCartney look that’s both boss and much better suited to the Emmys. Where was this at the Emmys? WHY wasn’t this at the Emmys?

Also attached – Michael Sheen and his new yellow hair. It’s probably for a role. It has to be for a role. Because he looks terrible. Which he would have enough of a sense of humour to agree with.