Does it seem like the most popular celebrity NYE headline was about pregnancy? Andy Cohen is having a baby. Gordon and Tana Ramsay are having another baby, their fifth. Kobe and Vanessa Bryant are having another baby girl, their fourth. And Kanye and Kim Kardashian West are expecting a baby, their fourth. Interesting timing, the reveal of this news, since he’s been making headlines the last few days on Twitter, picking another fight with Drake and recommitting himself to the Trump administration. (Dlisted)

Laura Dern and Reese Witherspoon are best friends. These two best friends met for lunch before Christmas and dressed as best friends do at Christmas – in matching Christmas colours but not too matching to avoid being twee. And neither one has a blowout so I’m assuming this wasn’t planned. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Gavin Rossdale’s girlfriend broke up with him and was seen making out with Loris Karius. I’m not here to talk about Gavin or the girlfriend, Sophia. I’m here to talk about Loris. I know Loris because I live in an EPL household (it’s a Tottenham Hotspur household) and Loris used to play for Liverpool until the end of last year because he was so sh-t he was basically chased out of England. Which I was very upset about because while he might be crap at goalkeeping, holy sh-t, he is SO hot. I creep his Instagram all the time. (Cele|bitchy) 

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club premieres next week, two days after the Golden Globes. Which…  did you know that it’s now 15 years since Lindsay attended her first Golden Globes after-party? She’s never been to the actual Globes but in 2004 she did go to the parties…with Ashlee Simpson! The last time she was seen at a Golden Globes party was in 2012. MTV is releasing videos of her to promote the new show. I wonder if she’ll have a presence in LA this weekend as a part of that promotion. Here’s a clip of her reviewing her past outfits. She looks so much like her mother in the first one. (OMG Blog) 

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? I did not. The only thing I want more of in 2019 is naps and I always want more naps. Instead of a resolution, some people are making lists – “more of” and “less of” lists. It’s probably a better idea. For me, then, it’s more naps, less YouTube black holes. And you? (The Cut) 

Ariana Grande has a New Year’s resolution. Well. Not really. But she’s making a declaration about dating in 2019. In my experience, when people say they’re not going to date, they end up dating. Let’s see how this works out for her. (Buzzfeed)